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Humanitarian Catastrophe or Man-made Catastrophe?

The New name & shame section
of the ITG website.

We ask why are crimes never forgotten by the victims, yet criminals sweep convictions under the carpet and walk with thier heads-up up high in our comunities, even showing-off having been convicted? Reabilitation should start with communities who can identify when things have gone terribly wrong.
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Many Muslim have asked for a name and shame section to our website and for some years now it had been discussed, understood and re-understood what this would entail. After checking against guidelines handed down to local goverment it makes sence to make Muslims aware on a wider scale within our comunities the problems crime can inflict upon us all.

Rochdale Nine
Maqsood Zulfiqar ZamanIftikhar Ahmed Mohammed Iftikhar ZamanFarzana Ahmed

Randomly selected Convicted Criminals who have disgraced their communities 2012.

Muslim's are not infallible.
Lately much attention has been given in the media to Muslims who have carried out the most horrendous acts of violence, degradation and even acts of pre-meditative murder. Many blaming their religion as their reasons for carrying out such crimes, blaming society for their actions or even the race card in front of a Jury. It’s not just Muslims, all communities within society are affected by such deliberate acts of crime.

We give an opportunity for the victims of crime to come forward and submit their cases for all to read and for communities to learn that crime does not pay or has any part in building better communities in the united Kingdom.


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This Muslim recives 1 Million Reward points from Allah(swt) every day?
Muslims aquire one million rewards by a method known as MULTIPLES? We look into how this is possible and how Muslims can participate.
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Muslims gather rewards points everyday, however maximising their aquisitions can mean the difference between the icing on the cake or the polish on the shoe! Why waste your time, maximise your collections the smart way. We show you how!

How does Allah(swt) give rewards?
The Prophet explained this in no small terms, He (saaw) said that Allah(swt) gives rewards like that of trees in the forest, sometimes the wind blowes and a few leaves fall, on other occasions two hundred leaves fall and when Allah(swt) is pleased with you all the leaves int eh forest fall at once. This suggetss that depending on what the halal action is, you could recive many rewards. To take this further one has to also understand that a young muslim obtans more reward than a older muslims. So this would account for the older generation packing the mosques knowing that their time is up and work relentlessly to gather as much rewards as time permits. The young however are more luckier. They can aquire more in less time and recive MULTIPLE on to find out how?

How can you maximise your aquasitions?
Thier are many ways, and these are listed below for your convienience. Many are commonsence and others you may have never thought of as being possible. One thing is for sure and that is that you can use any cobination to obtain mulitple-multiple rewards and this is what counts. An average beliving Muslim will obtain throughout his life 10 rewards a day, but what if they ammass 100,000 times that each day, wouldnt that be somthing!

The Prophet explained this in no small terms, He (saaw) said that Allah(swt) gives rewards like that of trees in the forest, sometimes the wind blowes and a few leaves fall, on other occasions two hundred leaves fall and when Allah(swt) is pleased with you all the leaves int eh forest fall at once. This suggetss that depending on what the halal action is, you could recive many rewards. To take this a step further one has to accept and understand that a young muslim obtans more reward than a older muslim.

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Lets divert attention away from secular politics, now toward Religions!
Why should the Muslims fall for the religious trap GHCQ has set for them?
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Now that most of the Muslim world is anti-American and Anti-British it is no wonder that pulling the Popes strings designed to confuse the Muslims into believing that the real war is being led and supported by the Christians. This is of course not true!

Divert attention toward sectarian and religious divisions.
Its not wrong for the the whole Muslim nation viewing the western political process as being demonized. After the Camp X-ray, Guantanamo Bay lockup, occupation of Muslim land both in Afghanistan, Iraq, the torture of Muslims in Iraqi prisons, the animalistic treatment of Muslims in Palestine, Molestation of Muslims in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, northern Africa and now middle earth. The 32 day anti terrorism legislation exclusively targeting Muslims and the denomination of the Prophet in newspaper cartoons.

But the secular governments within the western world have one more card to play, the religious card. This is where the Muslims are deceitfully diverted away and designed to vent their anger against religion, namely christianity. The one thing this outcome has taught Muslims is that the papal Pope can be bought at a very low price and confirms to secular governments squarely.

Dear Mr. POPE, we as Muslims don't blame the Christians or Jews, it is the stench of secular democratic governments of the west that is too blame.
Muslims can see the bilateral political games these governments play, there use of the media and writing history the way they want it written. Islam will prevail, uniting the Christians and Jews who hold firm to the belief of the One True God - Allah(swt)! [

Mr Musharif, now bhutto something, was educated in Britain and a foriegn conspirator in Pakistan does the works for the British and American people. No longer is it pro-British or Pro-American. Its clearly both foreign nations in charge of key institutions in Pakistan. In the eyes of the Muslims worldwide, Pakistan is a FAILED nation owing $4000 billion dollars to foreign institutions. The government is urged to take charge and remove the generals masquerading as business men out of government office and confine them to their barracks. Instruct the Embassies of both America and Britain to leave and hand the embassy to a charitable organisation. To remove itself from the failed United Nations and take charge of its own destiny by following the Islamioc constitution [PDF] of Allah(swt).. It would be a first since 1947 as promised and envisaged by Muhammad Ali Junnah.

The same advice is given to the other 60 Muslim countries that are also failed nations. This includes Malaysia and Indonesia who's economies are on a road to tatters. Lets begin with a new world order with Muslims at the helm! - whats wrong with that?

We welcome any constructive feedback on this topic.

The Mahdi may already
be amongst us!

How can we distinguish him and will he lead mankind to a better future?

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Belief in the Mahdi has always been of great importance in the Islamic world.

Lets get a better picture.

In his Hadieth our Prophet (pbuh) has described all the features of the Mahdi in great detail. Islamic scholars have also provided very important information about the Mahdi. Therefore, it is of great importance whether or not an individual supposed to be the Mahdi actually possesses those features. These are:

    Being descended from the Prophet (pbuh) or having the name Muhammad in his title.
    He may reside from amongst the kafir, not a kafir himself just that he may originate from the lands of the kafir, he will know their ways and will know how to respond and deal with them.
    He may have originated from the Indian Sub continent as mentioned by the Prophet(saaw) concerning the rise of Islam while performing dua in the direction of Hind.
    The enemies of the Mahdi will not harm him, they will be blinded to his presence amongst them.
    He will know at the appointed time, reaching the age of 40. Denouncing it at first but taking on the immense responsibility.
    Bringing Islamic moral values to prevail over the whole world, making the message of revival as a global one
    Cleansing Islam from all the additions and beliefs that evolved after our Prophet, customs that contradict Islam and foreign influences being removed and recognise
    Bringing peace and security to the world, establishing Islamic union, eliminating sects, for the entire Islamic world to submit to him
    He will be military minded, not necessarrly from any military but has an interest in history.
    Forming an alliance with the people of the book.

Could he be here now, amongst us?
When these things take place, then we may consider that this person is the Mahdi. Muslims should note that such a man may be amongst us right now, it is the responsibility and duty of all Muslims to work towards becoming the Mahdi, whether chosen or not by Allah(swt). Many individuals have been revivers of Islam in the past and they possessed many of the attributes of the Mahdi but were not the Mahdi. The End times is unknown and could be 100,000 years from now so Muslims should not dwell on the End times. Muslims should be thinking about Islam as unifying force binding all of humanity, not as a religion but as governing system.

Throughout history there may have been worthy Islamic scholars who have met some aspects of the criteria I have set out above. However, the actual Mahdi of the end times will combine all these features, on his own and within himself. The great Islamic scholar Bediuzzaman Said Nursi describes the differences between these people and the true Mahdi thus:

The Great Mahdi will have numerous functions. He will carry out duties in the world of politics, the world of religion, the world of government, and in the many spheres of the world of Islam. Similarly, since every century at a time of despair people are in need of a sort of Mahdi to strengthen their morale or for the possibility of a Mahdi appearing at that time to assist them, through Divine mercy, every age or perhaps every century a sort of Mahdi has appeared from among the Prophet's (PBUH) descendants, and preserved his forefather's Shari'ah and revived his Sunnah. (Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, Risale-i Nur Collection, The Rays, The Second Station of the Fifth Ray, Ninteenth Matter)

Said Nursi has made it clear that the Mahdi will be active in the political arena and be present at the highest level of state administration. Indeed, for him to be active in politics, in religion and in communicating the message requires the very broadest means. We can see from this that the Mahdi will have such very broad means, and that these duties can only be fully carried out with the use of state powers. This is the major difference between the Mahdi and those individuals believing themselves to be the Mahdi in the end times. The Mahdi will be active worldwide, will not be held back by limited individuals, will wage a major intellectual struggle in all spheres, and will, by God's leave, cause Islam to prevail over the whole world.

ITG Note:
Islam will dominate the whole world not by the sword, but by the continuation of the intellectual revolution that had been watered down in the late 14 century by men who wanted personal dominion over the Muslim lands, aided by foreign influences and became lost and forgotten. Western countries that are not part of the Muslim world have nothing to fear since it is not in the interests of Muslims or indeed Islam to dominate by force any lands or people who do not wish to become part of the Islamic expanse or require the immense sharing of wealth. All previous treaties adopted by previous illegal governments planted in the the Muslim world will still be honored, heating fuel, food and produce will continue as it does today, and the people of the world will once again feel as one nation, one mankind. Islam looks to the stars as its frontier, its future and has no boundaries.

Source: Harun Yahya website - External Link [The Truth of this world!]

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Prevention is better
than cure!

We show you how to avoid Cancer!
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We all know how good eating greens are, how bad (haram) smoking is to your health(input), but why does a bodily cell become dangerous(output)?

A Simple rule can save you?
As Muslims we are informed in the Qur'an that every atom does sajood (Worship) Allah(swt). This includes inanimate as well as animate objects found in our reality. Humans are made-up of atoms and cells are living organisms that are found in our bodies carrying out a set programmed function. When this function goes wrong your chances of getting cancer increase. Now lets consider the following scenario:

Scenario: What happens to your body?
If you're a Moderate Muslim(low imaan), Kafir (non-belivers) or Non-muslim your mind has most likely rejected Allah(swt), yet your body still worships Allah(swt). You could be worshiping other man-made gods, Music, Celebrities etc., but your body will always worship Allah(swt). The simple reason is that the body knows who its creator is, even when a person does not. The Net effect will have its toile on your health and well being. The only way the body can air its disapproval is by allowing cell damage to occur and thus lead to an increase risk of terminal diseases

Skeptics turn the other cheek!

Now many people who read into this may be saying, surly this is religious babble and without statistical proof to back up such a claim should be laughed at. We beg to differ, since the concept is so simple it has to be right. A good medical practitioner (GP) will tell you that eating well, getting good sleep and exercise dose your body and yourself wonders. What they fail to mention (albeit living in a secular society) is that these inputs contributes to a healthy lifestyle, the bodily instincts are totally ruled out. The instincts for procreation or the reverence are also inputs and desirable outputs that keep the mind and body in equilibrium. However, these are not subjects that are discussed when concerned with well being. These take a social dimension (social conditioning) and are never associated with cell damage? Social dimensions are refereed to by what the secular government want you to belive. Where is the link between reverence and preventative health deprivation?

Could you be worshiping the wrong way?

Reverence could be toward a well known pop-star,r celebrities on big-brother or the Music that is preformed live? Why should Allah(Swt) be different? Simple, Allah(Swt) created you and your body knows that. The genetic code knows who its creator is and carries out the function programmed by the creator in the first place. But what about the reverence to Allah(swt), does your body acknowledge your ability to know and belive in the importance of the creator? We say it does and as such bodily cells work 80% harder in combating disease and avoid cancer.

But what about those inflicted with cancer? What can they do?
Its simple, revert to Islam, become a true believing Muslim and notice the change that will occur in your mind and body. If nothing else works, and the best practitioners have no solution other than to recommend prayer then please consider this as a means to understand how your body works. You never know what such a change will do to you until you try? We guarantee you will be amazed by both the input and output of becoming a true believing Muslim.

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You too can bring people
back from the dead!

We show you how it is possible to bring dead people back alive!
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We acknowldge death in a physical description but did you know that death need not be physical at all, you could be dead while living?

What does the Quran say about the living dead?
Bringing forth the living from the dead then encompasses several possible meanings - coming spiritually alive after being spiritually dead, coming to life through knowledge and leaving behind the state of ignorance.

Cautionary Note: Before reading the article, take heed that the western precived concepts that over the years have included the warped view that reading any form of scriptures is depicted in a demonised way, or to a less extent the lesser of two evils, may effect the way you read the Quranic translations. We ask that you read the article with an open mind and throw away any concepts affecting you reasoning - good luck!


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The Master Race?
Adolph would be proud?

US President forgets how his words of late clearly targets the Ideology of Islam, and how his country has taken an imperialistic road to dominating the world!.
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Speaking of Adolph, he propagated the concept of the 'Master Race' while the Americans behave as the 'Master Race'.


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Why Allah(swt) and not GOD?
Non- Muslims are unaware of the significance of an all important name.
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Why do Muslims acknowledge Allah(swt) as the supreme creator of everything and why the word "God" cannot be attributed. We look into what the name "Allah" really means.

READ Article: Meaning of Allah

Upon reading the article you might want to consider the following:

If you take away the letter "A" you are left with "llah" which means high, then take away the letter "l" you are left with "lah" which means Highest, then take away the "a" you are left with "ah" which is high and finally remove the letter "a" and "h" means high. So the creators appropriate name must be Allah(swt) as this best fits the creators attributes. Muslim reject the literal word "GOD" since this does not fit with the attributes of Allah(swt).

Muslims detest Bollywood!
Cricket and Music were used to morphine the Muslims!
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How do you control 1.2 Billion people from all walks of life? We take you on a journey of the deceit that has cost so many lives, given such aspirations to so many for only the chosen few and was used as a tool like sports to bastardize Islam.

Recently, muslims have been reluctant to view bollywood films, listening to, watch or buy anything bollywood. This has left the Indian film and music industry with a a delima. The programme worked so well for eighty years, heightened in the 80s and now snow dived to the lowest depths possible. What has changed and how will the conspirators reengaged the Muslims so that they are glued to, live, breath that hell-hole known as bollywood.

In the 1930s the British had plans to use their influence in the occupied territories (Muslim world) to bolster military support for a change in global affairs. With so many players, most of europe needed to be kept in a war that would ultimately lead to to a new world order. This we now know to be the formation of the United Nations and worldwide economic and social slavery. Muslims in the indian subcontinent and elsewhere left their places of abode and joined a war that only sealed the fate for the Muslims back home. The second world war ended in 1945, many Muslim territories that used to be part of the great Islamic expanse (Khilafah) was broken up into smaller digestible statelets that could be controlled quite easily by Britain throught the newly formed United Nations in an indirect way. Since Nationalism has a component of hatered at its extreem or dislike toward other peoples of other nations, this meant that Britain could no longer be present in the occupied muslim territories and needed to vacate those territories.

An abrupt move by the British would have led to a political vacuum, one that could pose a threat to the planted regimes. The danger was so great in Pakistan that Britain decided to leave behind a British viceroy just incase the government reverted back to a true Islamic government. The use of cricket was one experiment that provided dividends, so much that it became one of the pillars or tools for manipulating societies. But this was not be enough, music was another area that the British focused upon. One such company was EMI and during the yearly years of its Conception n in the Indian subcontinent, EMI hunted down the best and most popular musicians and vocal singers. The war had bankrupt Britian and the USA came out as the victor amassing so much wealth that Britian used the stolen wealth from the occupied terriroties to finance the planted regimes.The seeds that were sowed then would give dividends later on. The Music and Movie industry drew large sections of the population and mesmerized them into a trance. This trance continued until 1998 when viewing's dropped and people began to concentrate on more important issues.

Singers such as Lata Mangeshkir (Hindu) and Rafi (Muslim) were in compition and for what? To draw away the Muslim and Hindu masses away from the real issues that affected them. The Music and Film industries were used as a political tools, like that of Hollywoods mind manipulation techniques used during the war. The masses where being educated to belive in foreign concepts, for Muslims that was to lead them astray from Islamic political leadership and Muslim unification, soweing the seeds of Nationalism which led to an acceptance of a Hindu land (Hindustan - misnomer term) and the concpt that the newly formed muslim nation of Pakistan was the REAL enemy? Nationalism is so dangerous as a concept that the Messenger(pbuh) mentioned, " Asabiya (Nationalism) is a poison, stay away from it, it will divide and kill you". Islam is of course above Nationalism and unifies people regardless.

It is no wonder that Muslims no longer sit in front of the blue tube, lost in the real world only to embrace a virtual fake world of Bollywood.

We welcome any constructive feedback on this topic. =

Who defines your Rights
as Muslims living in Britain?

Are Muslims permitted to be a citizen? Short answer - NO!
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The human rights of Muslims is defined by Allah(swt) in the Qur'an and Sunnah. Yet moderate Muslims resort to other than Allah(swt) by accepting foreign concepts such as International law, human rights commissions and geneva conventions.

Allah(swt) defines the rights of Muslims at any time, place and predicament. Muslims refer to the book of Allah(swt) Al-Quran for answers to their problems. The Sunnah and Shairah law defines muslim character and their rights.

Consider for a moment the idea that for any form of authority requires legitimacy. The Rulers throughout the muslim world and non-muslim world are in power because they use the power of the gun and define your rights according to laws they have constructed to keep authority over the masses. But what if the mases reject their governments authority, arguing that the authority is man-made and this conflicts with the authority of Allah(swt)? In the UK The highest authority in the land is the government, one could argue that it is the Queen of England, who is in power because God alloowed it so? But this conflicts with Allah(swt) since he is sovergin and so we have a problem.

Do Muslims choose the Queen of England as their soverign over the Almighty Allah(swt)?
Accepting citizenship attests to the first and rejects the later. So the choice is clear, either you follow Allah(swt), Al-Quran, Sunnah and Shairah law or become a non-muslim(kafir). One final point, Muslims don't really have a choice, since being Muslim you must accept Allah(swt) otheriwise the point of being Muslim become nonsence - another word for Moderate.

he following organisations and personalities have no right to impose their man-made laws and rights upon Muslims or anyone else for that matter:

Table 1    
United Nations European Union US Government (FFD)
Tony Blair (CAM) George Bush (CAM) Koffi Anand (CAM)
Geneva, G4/G8 Jack Chirac (CAM)  
Putin (CAM) OIC
Organisation of Islamic Conference
King Abdullah II (CAM,PB,PUS,WB,IMF,PL)
OPEC Pervez Musharraf (PB,CAM) UK Government (FFD)
Hosni Mubarak (PB,PUS,WB,IMF,PL,CAM) Muammar Kaddafi (PB,PUS,WB,IMF,PL,CAM) French Government (FFD)
Geneva, NATO Saudi King Abdullah (PB,PUS,WB,IMF,PL,CAM) Russian Government (PUS,WB,IMF,PL-KGB)
Muslim Councilors in Britian , MCB, IMPACT,ABM  
K e y    
PBPro British Donor
PUSPro American Donor
WBWorld Bank Debts
IMFIntl Monetary Fund Debt
UNCUnited Nation Constitution
PLPlanted Leadership
FFDFree from Foreign Debt
MMMMass Murderer of Muslims
CAMCrimes Against Muslims (Shariah Court)

Muslims refer to Al- Qur'an, the divine laws that protect Muslim life, honour, dignity, wealth and is an identifiable link between man and his creator. This cannot be changed by man-made desires by those organisations and personalities shown in the above table

Britains moderate Muslims jump ship, but still hold firm to Kufr concepts!
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Muslims that join western governments, choosing man-made systems over Allah(swt) deen of Islam are hypocrites or better put Kafir.

Muslim moderates have been elected into the Labour, Conservative, Liberal democrat and other kufr political parties in britain. But next time, no Muslim will vote for them? No Muslim will ever vote again! - We wonder why?

As numerous moderate councilors and MP's jump ship from Labour to the Liberal democrats, Usuli Muslims should ask the moderate(illumi) Muslims two questions, these are:

1. If the War against terror(Islam), your british foreign policy and the destructions of Lebanon were so high on your agenda, why did you not resign from government in protest earlier? Why is it that when cabinet members resign over Iraq and join the back benches, Muslim MP's tend only to jump ship or write a letter of protest (albeit only to be filled under insignificant). The thought of resigning is far from their minds? Truth is they care more about position and employment than what Allah(swt) commands them to do. They are truly hypocritical of Allah(swt) and do not consider Al-Qur'an as politically important to the Muslims to reunify the Ummah. The mere fact that they are part of the kufr political system is HARAM and no Muslim is permitted to listen to them according to Qur'an and Sunnah(saaw). This is the hallmark of an Illumi Muslim known as a Moderate.

2. While professing to be a Muslim, you blatenly ignore the Qur'an? Why do you refer to the constitutions and cannons of the British Political System when this is in direct violation of Allah(swt) Qur'an laws? Simple, they are not Muslims, they are Kafir. The hypocrite Kafir are the most dangerous known Muslims, even dangerous than the Zionist Israeli. If you wonder why, that's simple too because a zionist Israeli will be up front about their political desires, while a Moderate Muslim will hide his true intentions from you disguised as a Muslim with shalvar Kamees. When you talk to Moderates about the Muslim Nation (Ummah) they frown upon that notion of unification. They long for Tony blair's and the British establishment endowing them with letters of gratitude for services rendered and long for the Queen to furnish them with the victoria cross (Video of King Fahd receiving his medal).
Absolute power (money) corrupts absolutely.

Would you vote in elections when Allah(swt) and Muhammad(saaw) have forbidden you?

" Judge between them by that which Allah has revealed to you (Al-Quran.)" [TMQ Surah 5: verse 49]


Muslims were characterized by either being Moderate or extremist(Islamist), but two new labels have recently been adopted, that of Separatist (UK) and Islamofascists(USA/Isreali)? both rejected by Muslims.

The Kufr governments plan night and day as more Illumi Muslims become Usuli Muslims working toward reunification of the the Muslim World.

Read the Qur'an? but don't live it!
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Muslims have been taught to recite Allah(swt) commands on how to live as Muslims but have no comprehension or understanding of applying the laws?

Muslims reject Integration, simply because Allah(swt) rejects it. So what do Muslims want to protect their intrests while living in Britian?.

This poses a problem for both Muslims as well as the British government. Muslims are realising that Islam demands an Islamic World Government to protect the lives and sanctity of Muslims globally. The British Government still belive's in appeasing Muslims to resort to the Kafir(haram) for their problems both politically as well as for live problems, leaving the laws of Allah(swt) completely.

Read all about it!
After a further bought of meetings with the british government the Moderate Muslims allied to the British government (MCB, IMPACT) provided recommendations to further pollute the minds of the Muslims to draw on the western political systems as a means to resolve their problems. Again the Moderates belive wholeheartedly and with conviction however misguided that both Allah(swt) and Al-Islam do not provide answers to Muslims living in Britain or worldwide. Can Muslims really allow the non-belivers of Allah(swt) and Al-Quran dictate how they should live in britain?

"Muslims should integrate into British society, (like the hindus and and sikhs have done) and live under the law of the land!", IMPACT Aug 2006.

This is a further Moderate fallacy, muslims answer in response by referring to the Qur'an and the Sunnah as their source. Firstly, Allah(swt) commands in surah Imran verse 49, that,

" Judge between them by that which Allah has revealed to you (Al-Quran.)" [TMQ Surah 5: verse 49]

In the above verse 49, it is not permitted for a Muslim to make decisions, take advice from other than from the Book of Allah(swt) Al-Quran. This is clear and direct. Transgressing this law will mean you become a Kafir and the rest you know.

History 101:
The second is the intervention of the Sunnah, this is the guidance given to mankind from the last Prophet Muhammad(saaw).When the Muslims took leave of Muhammad with his permission in search of refuge, they traveled to Abyssinia where the king of Abyssinia granted them refuge until they deemed it safe for them to return. During this stay which lasted 11 years , the muslims did not integrate into the Abyssinian society, nor did they take up political posts within the Abyssinian government, they carried out dawa as Islam obliged them to do. The companions of the prophet(saaw) did not engage in the political system that was kafir and was secular in values. So why are Moderates so involved in motivating Muslims to engage in the kafir political system of today? SImply because they wish to appease their real western masters, 200 years of slavery is still apparent today as it was two hindered years ago in the indian subcontinent. Liberal secularism takes Moderates away from Islam as they try to convince Muslims that Al-Islam has no political answer for them while living in Britain.

Tony blair is wholly responsible for War against Terror(Islam):
This is a fallacy promoted by moderates on TV and outside mosques after friday prays. But what about the government meetings, the parliamentary debates and votes for action, the focus groups and the intelligence agencies? What about the people who support the government, that vote, both moderate as well as indignant british? Blaiming the head of the british state, solely is a shallow thought and one taken by degenerate - fools. (comment made by Irepresentative of MPACT, CH4 Dispatched programme - "What Muslims want?", AUG 2006).

Did you know? or are you blind?
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Some fascinating facts about America's domination of the Muslim world.

Muslims tend to think they know everything about current affairs, the past, the present and even the future. But did they know that the Muslim world is being sold for ink paper dollars?

Some interesting facts:

Kingship is Forbidden in Qur'an and Sunnah
The infestation of Moderates now run the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia(The kingship is Haraam). That America directly controls the kingdom and that the holy kabah is the property of the USA? That millions of Muslims go to Hajj believing that Allah(swt) will forgive their sins when the biggest sin of betrayal against the Prophet(peace by upon him) is being undertaken by the very people who should be the vanguards of the Muslim nation. The true reward of Hajj is therefore limited until a true Islamic authority is implemented and presides over the Muslim world. (This will not sit well with moderates!)

No Paradise for Muslims - The doors are closed!
Every country in the world that is on Muslim land has a planted leadership allied to America, Britain or France. By accepting membership of the United Nations(Shirk) the peoples(electorate) of those countries will never enter paradise since the leadership act on behalf of the masses they control. By rejecting the core Islamic laws emanating from the Qur'an and the Sunnah they disobey Allah(swt), which will lead to an evil refuge. (Muslims must priorities their goals to return the authority of the state back to Al-Khilafah before their time is up!)

Premeditated Murder of Muslims Worldwide.
World wars are now fought in advance by planning by the Kafir in the United Nations. The murder of Muslims by bombs or oppressive aggression by invading armies such as the USA, Britain or Israel is acceptable when endorsed behind closed doors at the UN Security Council. The United Nations is the most dirtiest, evil organisations ever designed by man. Even Shaatan looks on in amassment on how this organisations functions, designed to kill the Muslim masses systematically and with reason!

9 out of 14 World Wars are in the Muslim world
There are fourteen military wars being executed in the world today. Out of these, nine are in the Muslim world and involve the systematic large scale killing of Muslim men, raping women and leaving children destitute. All under the watchful eye of the United Nations. Also, these wars involve the Five permanent members of the United Nations Security council.

Muslims being Assimilated
Every Muslim country in the world is in debt to the International Monetary Fund(IMF), World bank or Paris Club. These debts allow foreign countries to directly control and influence domestic and foreign policy of that country. "Power corrupts absolutely", is indeed the order of the day since large sums of money are provided to the leadership in the Muslim world to purchase technology from the western countries rather develop within. The debt continues to mount as the country falls into the depths of developing nations. The western countries are not developing nations, they are simply redeveloping the minds of the individuals that are part of that nation into Moderats that serve their future purposes.

Economic Slavery
All money transactions sent electronically is monitored by the CIA and FBI worldwide. Any donations to Muslim organisations are checked, and even blocked! This economic slavery is designed to curb the possibility of developing nations to extend further their scope of building new markets in technology.

The non-belivers control land, air and space!
That all Airports and Shipping ports are monitored by the US and Britain. All passports are checked against the CIA mainframe in langley for any blacklists. The world is becoming even more darker place. Freedom for the Westerners, and slavery for the Muslims. Spy satellites watch every move on land and sea. Launching missile from sea and air using sophisticated laser guided weapons for pin-pont accuracy against any Muslim who defies the US, Britain and Israel.

International Space Station (code named Alpha)
The International space station is not international at all. The station will be armed with the latest laser weapon (SDI - mid eighties under Ronald Reagan) designed as part of the next generation of control over the masses in the Muslim world. Read
Directed Energy Weapons.

Want to know the difference between Culture and Islaam?  
The Melting POT has truly melted away!  
One drop of Muslim blood is worth more than the Kahbah and all around it  
Before I die, I want to witness the Islamic flag over Jerusalem.  
It is Haram to have a civil Marriage! outside of an Islamic Marriage contract.  
One Earthquake measuring 7.6, Lets Play Cricket!  
Puppet regime of Iran plays the UN Game.   
Human Rights : Man Made VS Shari'ah  
Who has greater authority in Palestine? Muslims in Egypt or the Palestinians?  
The crime of war: from Nuremberg to Fallujah (External PDF Report) Non Islmaic viewpoint, Note: International Law is Haram and Muslims reject this term as Islamic Law and Shariah Law are followed by Muslims. It is known only too well that the Western capitalist convictions do not extend to the observance of international law except when it suits their interests - Link.  

What the western think tank have failed to grasp , that ISLAM cannot be confined!:
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We are constantly being bombarded by western (so called) experts to explain what is ISLAM, flavors of regional ISLAM and why is their not a standard ISLAM across the world?

Economic System
Judicial System
Islamic Shari'ah Law
Education System
How do you confine a political system such a ISLAM? - You can not!!

During the past five years allot of discussions and debates have been ensuing on a topic that has on occasion the input from so called Muslim moderats, but have failed to understand the root concepts that are the backbone of ISLAM. That ISLAM being a system, ritual worship being one part of its makeup cannot be confined, it was designed by Allah(swt) to dominate over all other deens and evolves outwards. It cannot be defined to a mosque, a home, or even within an individual. Those Moderats that reject this view are rejecting Allah(swt) and become a danger to the Muslim nation worldwide. The reunification of the Muslim nation is the correct evolving outcome, not through the United Nations because the principals and concept designs are inconsistent with ISLAM and as such all Muslim countries must reservedly resign from the United Nations and through a council of 12 Islamic powers work towards an Islamic World Government.

The IWG will protect Muslims as well as non-muslims worldwide. A blueprint will emerge from the unified Muslim states that will be adopted, in time by western countries. Countries that are not part of the islamic commonwealth will continue to be ruled by regimes that they have adopted. Trade will continue as resources will be supplied to western countries since ISLAM protects humanity and greed, accumulation of wealth at the expense of human misery has no place in ISLAM.

There is no "British Islam/muslim", "Pakistani Islam/muslim", or "Iraqi Islam/muslim" their is however the correct definition for proper identification that being "Muslim living in Britain", "Muslim living in Pakistan", or "Muslim living in Iraq". For Muslims to ignore the root concepts of ISLAM is like loosing their identity,like being lost in the wilderness.

Another important point is about Muslims living outside of the Muslim World, i.e in Britain, USA or in Europe. They are very unique in comparison to Muslims that live in the Muslim world. Allah(swt) defines the rights of Muslims outside the state as higher when considering ownership of land, especially land that is occupied. When such Muslims enter the Muslim world they have authority prescribed to them by Allah(swt) to work to re-unify, plan the return of land that is occupied back into Islamic authority. Thus protecting the peoples that live there both muslim and non-muslim. This unique position has been forgotten by 1st and 2nd generation Muslims but as a concept is returning, redefining the Islamic identity worldwide.

Now for something really interesting!

Finally, Muslims have a ranked position greater than any monarch, prime minister or president. Allah(swt) places Muslims at the highest level of authority, second to the almighty and it is forbidden for Muslims to receive rewards from the Kafir [Real player video] or accept praises from them. It is forbidden for Muslims to be dictated too about what ISLAM is and how Muslims should be Moderats? It is not permitted for a Muslim to be an extremist or carry views or concepts that are foreign to ISLAM. Extremism has no place in ISLAM and yet the western media machine and governments label Muslims and ISLAM in a negative way.

Radical change is good for humanity
The prophet Muhammad(saaw) was a free radical and as such a model for Muslims and non-muslims worldwide. Radical ideas, thoughts and concepts bring about constructive dialogue and debate within society. It allows mankind to ask "What if?", "Is there a better way to archive better goals?". Many radical changes in history occurred giving rise to many modern scientific, medical and technological change, without which life would have been very different today. Radical change should not be shunned or swept under the carpet, it should be supported and outwardly encouraged within society. (Pls. note that "radicalism" a twisted term by the western media and governments is linked to "terrorism" and this is a wrong definition - Before 1955, women in the UK had no legal rights over their money and ownership of property, after a radical change led by women of the time the Law was changed and rights were given. Would you classify this radical change to be a terrorist act? certainly not.)

Simply saying that ISLAM stands for PEACE is nonsense and is the product of western conceptual designs to confine ISLAM into an individuals mind. ISLAM is defined as SUBMISSION with PEACE attained when ISLAM as an authority is implemented. This is why 60 Muslim countries worldwide are classified as Kafir states, and why America and Britain want to bolster support for their puppet regimes, and why these governments must be removed through mubah means before a true Islamic state is established. The goalposts are clear, it is now up to the sons of the Muslims to work to reestablish and reunify the Muslim Nation worldwide using there time, energy and minds to deliver the message of ISLAM to the whole of mankind.

The following counties are not Islamic and constitute failure of Muslims living in those regions
(Muslims are reminded of the severe punishment Allah(swt) will impose upon them if they do not account their despotic leaders and work to reunite the Muslim Nation):

Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lybia, Yemen, Turkey, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, esp. Pakistan, Indonesia, UAE.

We welcome any constructive feedback on this topic.


Human Rights : Man Made VS Shari'ah
Learn More PDF >
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In today's world, we hear people calling for Civil Rights and addressing points of Human Rights Abuses. However, the concept of Human Rights is one devised by those who concocted the great Democratic Lie. It is evident that the term Human Rights is used when it suits the Western Countries and their protectors and has no basis in fairness or justice. However, the Islamic Shari'ah, being a Divine set of Laws is consequently the pinnacle of Justice and Fairness and will supersede all that is written by Man. 

  "Are you thinking what were thinking...." >>>  MP3
HardTalk News (Time for reflection) Read more
Who has greater authority in Palestine? Muslims in Egypt or the Palestinians?
Did you know that Muslims from outside the state have great authority over the land than the palestinians! Why look to PLO when it is a duty for the outer states to liberate the muslims living in Palestine. Do your duty and convince your Muslim Government to move its POWERFULL armies to Palestine NOW!
THE MESSENGER MUHAMMAD (SAW) IS OUR EXAMPLE – DID HE EVER VOTE? Muslims are Click to Read more!not permitted to vote in UK Election 2005. Don't join the ranks of the disbelievers! Be Smart!
Knowledgebase: Did you know that historically, Foreign Muslim fighters arriving into a war zone were not permitted for frontline duties. According to Rules of Jihad, such Muslim fighters were given command duties and were protected by local forces. FMF's would be the last to fight and protected from all localised threats.
"ALLAH" - The Creator Exists

The Guardian says the reputation of UN peacekeeping missions has suffered a humiliating blow after an internal report identified repeated patterns of sexual abuse and rape perpetrated by soldiers supposed to be restoring the (Kufr) international rule of law

5 pillars + 5 Times Prayer + Good Muslim = HELL FIREClick to Read more!
5+3 Hidden pillars + 5 Times Prayer + Good Political Islamic Muslim = JUNNAH!

9/11 - Missing Plane?
Where are the remains of the plane that hit the pentagon? Why lie?

Diego Garcia - DIrty work in the indian ocean?


Divide and Rule is a ploy by the American and British administration used to draw Sunni against Shia and visa versa. Muslims should not fall for the trap that has been laid down so many times before! Believe in Allah(swt) and u n i t e as one body. Junnah is your reward.
Latest News
Saddam captured? [1] [2] [3]

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AEI Panel -The Future of US Defense Industry:
External Link
While America enforces its power using peace as the ultimate goal, it arms itself with further developments of weapons of mass destruction that threaten and terrorise states globally.
1. RQ-4A Global Hawk

2. Directed Energy Weapons


Endorsed by ITG, use this calculator for effective zakhat numeration.

What benefits will
Al-khilafah provide you?

Citizens will recive Child benefit, unemployment benefit, a four day working week, jobs for life, free school entry, free water, gas and electricity. Beter standards of living, social care, Free medical a health service that cares. No more localised life, work anywhere in the Muslim states of the comonwhealth Al-Khilafah.Muslim borders will be protected by Muslim forces - No UN. World Povery will be erradicated and every citizen given employment for life. Communities buit to promote friendship. brotherhood and respect. Is this a worthy cause to give your energies too? Send An Email To Us.

With so much misunderstood, we aim to enlighten you with the REAL truth. Together we shall find the true meaning of our existance and live our lives according to our Creator

  The Quran states: Islam is for the whole of Mankind. This clear FACT means that those that follow Judism, Christianity, Buddism, Hinduism and others are recognised by the Almighty as following false faiths and will not attain salvation. Interfaith is therefore false and Muslims who belive in Interfaith are transgressors. This however, does not stop Muslims in engaging in Dawa.
  Learn about true Islam, read this handout to learn more. Our dawa (message) is aimed at Muslims as well as non-muslims.

Peace is ONLY achivable under the authority of ISLAM as a Ruling System - Inform UK Imams if they are in error manifest.

The Legacy of BUSHARAF!

WHY SHOULD AMERICA BE DISARMED? Muslims MUST read an account of what the US & Britian intend to do in the Muslim world.
We find out!

(Muslims) Rise up to that which gives you life (Al-Islam) - Don't be complacent.


This Website
Russian, German,
, Portugueses, Chiniese, Japanese,


Press Release From Iraq:
Translation of the 1st & 2nd press releases coming from the leadership of Jihad in Baghdad from the Media Department Release [1] [2].[3]
Jihad Operations in Afghanistan UPDATE!
The Jihad in Afghanistan is Alive! and Active!!
America To Build Planet-Dominating
Super Weapons
- that will allow the US to strike its enemies at lightning speed from its own territory!
Are Muslims allowed to buy and sell shares on the Stock Market? Muslims it is Haram and we shall prove it! DONT PLAY WITH FIRE, YOU WILL GET BURNT!!!
We Question The Lottery?:
Lottery is a form of gambling, so why are Muslims desperate to play? We find out!

..." How do we fool the world into beliving we have been given power?"

Read this article to learn more!

  Learn how to preform Salaah and Wudu.
A step by step approach with English Translation. Each step is shown with picture and Dua are included. Recitation in arabic throughout.
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Next time you visit a Muslim country- do the following?

  1. Speak to memeber of parliment and ask them why the governemnt is pursuing westernised democracy? which is Haram? 
    - NO COMMENT -
  2. Why new born children do not recive any child benefit? (Pejaro more important)  
  3. Why they are internationally weak? militaraly, socially degrading and become less of a regional power?  
  4. Why it is a member of the United Nations (of Kufr)?  
  5. If in trouble overseas, will your gov. rescue you from tyrinacal imprisonment?  


  Perls of Wisdom
" The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do." - Samuel P. Huntington
Listen & Learn: [1] [2] [3] [4]
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