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Muslims work for its revival and gain rewards from Allah(swt).  

Dawa Diskette

Islamic Truth Dawa Disk

[Download Diskette] [Preview Scrolling ]

The Islamic Truth Dawa Disk is packed with the following documents which can be placed on 1 x 3.5" floppy diskette and given to Muslims as part of your dawa program. We should be reminded that as Muslims we are obligated to carry ISLAM to belivers and non-belivers and struggle to make our deen be known to mankind. The Dawa Disk is one concept that allows Muslims & Non-Muslims to read abour ISLAM in a way they hadn't done before. Muslims should make note of the FACT that by providing other muslims and non-mulsim with this disk you will obtain reward from Allah(swt). In fact, you will obtain multiple rewards! - Is'nt it worth downloading and distributing...



The diskette contains information from reputable Islamic Groups throughout the world and the origins of the documents contained within this disk can be determned by visiting the: http:\\


Bismillaahir-Rahmaanir-Raheem Alhamdulillaahi rabil-'aalameen, was-salaatu was-salaamu 'ala nabeeyinaa muhammad wa 'ala aalihi wa ashaabihi wa man tabi'ahum bi ihsaanin ila yawmid-deen, amma b'ad:

In the name of Allah. Ar Rahman. Ar Raheem Assalaamu-Alaikum, Muslim brothers/sisters, non-Muslims and peoples of all other faiths. Read the documents contained within this diskette with an open mind. This diskette was created with Muslim's in mind but is applicable to all in that it brings to light truths that have been part of a greater conspiracy, not only against Muslim's but the whole of humanity. This diskette will be a starting point for you (the reader) to rationally think about the past, the present and the future, you're purpose in life?

The files on this diskette are in two locations. Firstly, in the root directory, i.e. A:\ contains text (.txt) versions of the documents. Secondly, in a directory called A:\docs you will find Microsoft Word versions of the same documents.

It is recommended that you read the .txt version in Microsoft WordPad and set the following options from the main pull-down menu: View > Options > Enable Select Wrap to Window

Then print out copies of the documents, preferably from within Microsoft word, since some of the documents are quite lengthy. TIP: Print out this document. The following list outlines the theme of each document:


Adab.txt (Sayings of Prophet Muhammad Ideals of a Believer. Plus important message at the very end)


Caliphs.txt (The Rightly-Guided Caliphs: What is meant by this?)

Challenge.txt (Muslim's and Non-Muslim's take up the challenge of the authenticity of AL-Qur'an.)

Corrupt.txt (How did Corruption Start in Pakistan? In-depth account of its formation)

Decline.txt (The Decline of Muslim Civilization How could this have happened?)

Fahd.txt (OPPRESSOR NO# 1 - FAHD OF SAUDI ARABIA Includes history of how the Al-Saud family are selling the resources of the Uhmma to their Western Masters

Fatwa35.txt (FATWA from the Religious Scholars of Palestine in 1935, Regarding Selling of the Lands to the Jews)

Granada.txt (The Fall of Granada, Spain and 1st April - APRIL FOOL, plus Halloween, birthdays, and Christmas)

Intro.txt (Personal view of what's happening in the World today)

Iraqraid.txt (The raids against Iraq by the American war planes and missiles, with the help of the British and the French and the consent of the Security Council, was an act of hostility, carried out by an enemy. It could not have been executed by any other than an enemy.)

Jinnha.txt (The Greatest Betrayal of Mr. Jinnah by Ch. Rahmat Ali Kashmir.doc Kashmir Hindu occupation - Press Release 27th May 1999)

Khilafah.txt (Definition of Khilafah and Khalifa,* The duties and responsibilities of the Khalifa * The prerequisites to becoming the Khalifa * How the Khalifa may be chosen * The Majlis-Ash-Shura * How the Majlis-Ash-Shura selects the Khalifa * Using force to choose the Khalifa * Disobeying and removing the Khalifa * Who has the authority to remove a bad Khalifa * The removal of the Khalifa * The Khilafah of Abu Bakr )

ManLaw.txt (The Limitations of Man as a Legislator)

Marriage.txt (Tips to a Better Marriage)

Pakmean.txt (Detailed History & Meaning of P.A.K.I.S.T.A.N. Palestine.txt 20 Basic facts about the Palestine Problem)

Person.doc (The Islamic Personality From "The Islamic Personality - Volume 1" by Taqiud-deen an Nabhani )

Readme.txt (The file you are currently reading.)

Secret.doc (The Secret World - by Isa Abdallah al Kanadi ** The author of this disk recommends that all Muslims read this article with an open mind ** )

Secular.txt (The Lure of Secularism The Kufr are after your Son's and Daughter's!)


Smoking.txt A Social Poison. How it all came about? Should we smoke? What did Muhammad(saw)Say about Smoking?

State.txt The Islamic State was one Khilafah State Sultan.txt Biography of Sultan Abdul Hameed II (Khilafah of Islamic State)

USAfrica.txt The international struggle over Africa intensified The two American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were bombed

USAterror.txt "Our target was terror, our vision was clear ". With these hypocritical words Clinton justified the ruthless bombings. American foreign policy towards the Muslims has always been to beat Muslims into submission so that America can ride roughshod over Muslim lands and secure its vested interests.

Usbulkln.txt Thus America has been able to throw her weight at the heart of the crisis, ignite a huge fire in Europe, force Russia to retreat, and force Europe to be led by her. Whilst she has been able, at the same time, to establish the West's continuous need for NATO's presence, which had lost its justification for existence after the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact.

Usexpand.txt Kufr expand into Muslim Lands, trying with the help of Its stooges (Governments and Muslim Agents) implement Kufr Systems. Usgolan.txt The crisis of the Golan Heights - Syria

Usgulf.txt The American military presence in the gulf

Usiraq.txt The USA wants to divide Iraq to three states

Uskashmr.txt The crisis of Kashmir emerged nearly half a century ago, i.e. since the conspiracy to separate the Muslims of India in the independent state of Pakistan in order to weaken the influence of Islam on the Hindus.

Ussudan.txt Political Analysis - The crisis of south Sudan

Usyemen.txt Political Analysis - The Disturbances in Yemen

Xmas.txt The Truth About Xmas


1 x 3.5" Formatted Floppy Diskette,

PKUNZIP.EXE (You need this to extract the contents of the file)


Upon downloading the file to a designated location say c:\temp on your PC harddisk. Download the PKUNZIP.EXE file into the c:\windows directory. Use Windows Explorer to view the file and double click on it. Windows will automatically run pkunzip.exe to extract the files into the temp directory. Delete the original file and copy the remaining files onto the blank formatted floppy diskette. Copy this diskette to other msulsims who will benefit from its contents.

(Here is the DOS command line parameters)

pkunzip.exe -d {location]\





Khilafah II

This sequal will dominate world politics for all mankind, forever.

and more...

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