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Muslims work for its revival and gain rewards from Allah(swt).  

Baghdad may have fallen:
Baghdad may have fallen, but the Ummah is now united.

The Reality on the Ground!

The Crusaders have marched into Baghdad after three weeks of merciless bombardment with bombs and missiles that have killed thousands. Those who were not killed or injured in the attacks suffered as the Crusaders knocked out vital infrastructure such as water and electricity works, in their bid to catch one man - Saddam.

Was it any surprise then that the western "embedded" journalists - the Muslim ones having been murdered by US forces - painstakingly struggled to obtain angles that would show the streets full of jubilant people welcoming the US troops? Where were the five million people of Baghdad? Where were the scenes reminiscent of the fall of communism in Russia and across Eastern Europe?

Of the five million inhabitants, only a few were seen greeting US troops. A few hundred were seen defiling anything related to Saddam, and hundreds more were busy stripping Saddam's palaces of whatever they could get their hands on. The remaining people - the majority - were out of sight, wary of the presence of those who have sought to starve and kill them for over a decade. They had not spent the previous weeks resisting the invasion of these forces because of any love for Saddam; the screams were "Allahu Akbar" not "Long live Saddam". They did it for Islam, and though they resisted bravely and many became Shaheed, they could not hold out with just rifles.

Clearly the only people that are rejoicing are the Crusaders, and those few exiles who are besotted with the western way of life. There are many signs that this war has gone against the western interests, and has furthered the cause of the Muslims and Islam.

  • The vast majority of the Muslims of Iraq have not welcomed the aggression of the Crusaders.
  • The Muslims of the world have completely rejected the reasoning and outcome of this war.
  • The Muslims have been witness to the fact that the UN is merely used for the interests of the major powers. They will not likely call for UN intervention again.
  • The Muslims have been witness to the absolute and utter impotence and irrelevance of the Arab League and organisations like it, in addition to the imbecilic behaviour of their leaderships within them.
  • The leaders in Muslim countries have had to lie through their teeth to justify their inaction and complicity in helping the Crusaders. They could not hide this fact though they tried hard, which has turned their populations massively against them. This has resulted in some quite unprecedented actions by the Muslims against their corrupt leaderships.
  • The Muslims have realised that they are being picked on one by one: Afghanistan, Iraq, perhaps Syria and Iran next. They cannot stand against the Kafir as divided nation states. The Muslims have resorted to calling for unity on the basis of Islam and the brotherhood amongst Muslims. They realise the Khilafah and political Islam is the only common basis of uniting them, and that nationalism only seeks to divide them.
  • The most vivid scenes of this conflict have been the massive protests by the Muslims "against" government wishes. The protests by Iranian Muslims for their brothers in Iraq, despite the eight-year war. The fatwa of the Shia and Kurdish imams urging the Iraqi Muslims to rise up in Jihad against the Crusaders.

As the Crusaders take hold of the rest of Iraq, their lies and deceit continue. They still speak of a democratic future for the country. A decade ago many Muslims would have been drawn in by this idea, but today many have realised and rejected it as a Kufr thought. Even those who haven't quite grasped this are not holding their breath! They remember all to well the "democracy" the west speaks of when it involves Muslims. Algeria was a democratic example that taught Muslims a lesson; when Muslims vote for Islam it doesn't count. The Muslims in Turkey have also learnt this lesson, having voted in wolves in sheep's clothing.

The Muslim world is now utterly ready to throw away the western system, the western agents, and western politics. There is consensus on this, from farmers and bakers to academics and opinion columnists. The Muslims now call openly to the armies and the people of power to move against their regimes, before they too have to face the Crusaders, alone and incapable of resisting. The Muslim armies, as individual forces, may not be a match for the Crusaders but this Ummah united, with all its wealth, people and armies would shake and destroy the Crusaders without doubt.

The Muslims in Britain need to be amongst the carries of the Da'wah to re-establish the Khilafah.



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Khilafah II

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