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Muslims work for its revival and gain rewards from Allah(swt).  

The Wishes and Tools
of the Kufaar
The crusade continues until the Muslims are powerless globally.

The Reality on the Ground!

The Wishes and Tools of the Kufaar
Monday, March 24, 2003


Muslims are not required to make political analysis of what the kuffar (disbelievers) desire of the Muslims by reading their newspapers or watching what they say on television. Rather Allah (SWT) has favoured the Muslims with Islam which informs us, through the Qur’an, about all their plans. To avoid being short-sighted we must therefore take advantage of this unique window into the unseen to expose their plans and in order to give us a better vision for the future. Rather the media of the Kuffar will not fail to corrupt the pure Islamic understanding by inundating us with their culture, ideas, conspiracy theories, distorted history etc…

The wishes of the non-Muslims (i.e. Kuffar)

1. For Muslims to become Kafir like them

Allah (SWT) says in the Qur’an:

…they wish (Wudd) that you reject faith, as they have rejected faith, and thus that you become equal…’ [EMQ 4:89]

Here Allah (SWT) uses the word Al-Wudd, meaning that the kuffar would love for you to become just like them, having no hope of the mercy of Allah(SWT) on the day of judgement. However the Messenger Muhammad (saw) told the Muslims that they are not like the kuffar, rather he said: ‘Islam is superior and will never be surpassed’ Hence Muslims should never stoop down to the level of the non-Muslims but always remain steadfast on the Deen of Al-Islam, no matter how many trials and tribulations they suffer and no matter what the conspiracies of the kuffar. The non-Muslims will always resent the firm belief of practising Muslims and their unwillingness to compromise at all on any issue specified in the divine text.

2. To fight Muslims until they turn away from their Deen (ideology)

In addition Allah (SWT) says:

…they will continue to fight you until they turn you away from your Deen…’ [EMQ 2:217]

In other words we are informed that the non-Muslims will continue to fight the Muslims, even if it means they kill them, as in Afghanistan and in Iraq, if they do not turn away and become non-Muslims like them. But Allah (SWT) warns Muslims: ‘…whoever is diverted from his Deen and dies in kufr (disbelief) their actions have failed in this life and in the hereafter, they are the people of hell-fire. Forever there…’

3. To get Muslims to follow their rational desires by tempting them with Shahawah

Allah (SWT) says in the Qur’an:

…Those who follow their rational desires wish you to have a grave diversion so that you may become part of them…’ [EMQ 4:27]

his ayah was revealed to the Messenger Muhammad (saw) concerning someone who wanted to get married, but not according to the tradition (Sunnah) of the Messenger Muhammad (saw) but according to man made law and traditions. As-Sahawah here are the bad deeds which provoke ones instincts and needs, such as the procreation instinct through the promotion of promiscuity, pornography, free-mixing, homosexuality and adultery and the needs such as the glamorisation of certain foods, clothing and expensive places to live. So we see that the biggest industries in the capitalist world are pornography, gambling, drugs and alcohol, cosmetics, fashion etc…

4. To attack Muslims by catching them off-guard

Allah (sWT) says:

…they wish if you have a little Al-Ghafla [i.e. to be off-guard or to nod off] from your weapon, so that they can attack you…’ [EMQ 4:102]

Hence it is not surprising that the Kuffar are today demanding Muslims to give up their weapons in Iraq and elsewhere, as in Pakistan. In contrast, Allah (SWT) tells Muslims to prepare as much as possible from the best weapons to terrify the enemy, fight them if they fight you and as a powerful deterrent. It is prohibited for Muslims to give details of where their weapons are to the Kuffar, let alone give them to the Kuffar!!! To the extent that Allah (SWT) is saying in these ayat (verses) that Muslims should even be careful when they pray, keeping their weapons with them all the time and taking turns in praying whilst others keep guard. In addition the Messenger Muhammad (saw) said that ‘the weapon is the dazzling (i.e. showing off and decoration) of the Muslim’, it being recommended for the Muslim man to carry a weapon with him at all times.

We can see the consequences of Muslims giving up their weapons in Bosnia, when the UN took them from the Muslims and allowed the Kuffar Serbs to slaughter the Muslims on a mass scale.

5. To see the Muslims in pain and suffering

Allah (SWT) says:

…they wish you to suffer and to see you in pain. Hatred has already appeared from their mouths but what is in their hearts is far worse…’ [EMQ 3:118]

Hence we can see how the Kuffar delight when Muslims are attacked and killed. Only on Friday, addressing a conference in Wales, did the fascist Tony Blair say that he was ‘proud’ of what he (and the US) did in Afghanistan, where using B52 bombers some 200,000 Muslims were indiscriminately killed and/or are currently missing! He said that the problem in Kashmir was ‘the Terrorists’, meaning the Muslim Mujahideen, who are defending innocent Muslim men, women and children from being murdered by the occupying Hindu forces, who have no qualms about gang raping Muslim women. Moreover the barbaric US and UK have no problems with providing political, military and economic support to the pirate State of Israel despite its open occupation of Muslim land and atrocities committed against Muslims.

6. To turn the light of Allah (SWT) off

Allah (SWT) says:

…they wish to extinguish the light (Nur) of Allah by their own tongues…but Allah rejects their own plots and will make his Deen complete even if the Kuffar hate it…

…Verily Allah sent the Messenger with the Deen of guidance and truth in order to dominate over all other Deens (i.e. religions; such as Christianity, Hinduism and Judaism and ideologies; such as capitalism and Communism) even if the idolaters dislike it…’ [EMQ 9:32 & 33]

Allah (SWT) tells us here that the kuffar will do everything they can to harm the Muslims. So we see today that there are roughly 250,000 kuffar US and UK forces waiting to pounce on Muslims in the middle east. However Allah (SWT) has promised Muslims victory in the long run. We may lose a battle or two but we will not lose the ultimate war between truth and falsehood. It is not the weapons or sophistication that guarantees victory, rather victory is in the hands of Allah (SWT) who will grant it to whom he wishes. Hence Muslims must prepare as much as they can to fight the aggressors which includes putting their full trust in Allah (SWT) for the outcome and result. The weapons of the Muslims are therefore Imaan (unwavering belief), tawakkul (full reliance on Allah) as well as the physical preparations.

Muslims must also appreciate that they must strive to implement the Shari’ah i.e. Al-Khilafah, on a State and societal level. This is the only acceptable way for Muslims to live, for all their affairs, be they economic, social, ruling, judicial etc… to be governed solely by the Shari’ah (Islamic law) manifested in the Islamic State. The 3rd of march 2003 represents 79 years without the implementation of the Shari’ah over the Muslims world-wide. It represents 79 years of being divided into non-Islamic State-lets, each ruled over by a tyrant implementing non-Islamic law e.g. democracy or dictatorship or monarchism or capitalism etc…The presence of the Khilafah will mean that Muslims will once more have a shield behind which to protect themselves and from behind which they can fight to protect Muslim life, honour and wealth. It will also form a means by which the Islamic authority can spread by removing the obstacles in the way of implementing the shari’ah culminating in re-uniting Muslim land under one law and order and one authority. This would of course mean a new super-power in the world, whose army would love death the way the kuffar love this life and who would love to fight and die for the sake of Allah (SWT) to raise his name the highest. This is the real fear of the kuffar and why they were eager to stop the Taleban when they adopted this project. However, despite the attempts of the kuffar, Allah (SWT) promises us in the Qur’an that he will give Muslims victory and authority the way he gave it to those before as long as they fulfil his commands and put their trust in him (SWT).

NB. After all of the above ayat how can one vote for the kuffar or participate in their parliament?. To change the word of Allah (SWT)

Allah (SWT) says:

…they want to distort the words of Allah…’ [EMQ 48:15]

The way that the kuffar changed the word of Allah before, in the Torah and the Bible, they wish to distort the word of Allah (SWT) in the Qur’an. However the Qur’an is miraculous in itself and cannot be changed, Allah (SWT) promising to preserve it himself. Hence we see orientalists (those who study Islam from a Western perspective) at SOAS university and other such institutions attempting to put doubt in the minds of Muslims about the inimitability of the Qur’an and the finality of the Messenger-ship of Muhammad (saw).

8. To lead Muslims astray

Allah (SWT) says:

…they wish to lead you astray…but they will lead only themselves astray…’ [EMQ 3:69]

Hence we see the kuffar tempting Muslims with the notion of interfaith, a false cursed notion where Muslims, Christians and Jews would have one place of worship and one book, saying that ‘we are all people of Abraham’. Whereas Allah (SWT) says that the Jews and Christians have no right to claim any affinity with Ibraheem, who was a monotheist and not a polytheist (believing that either Jesus or Auzair was the son of God). Moreover Ibraheem came thousands of years before the Jews and Christains and was therefore neither a Jew nor a Christian.

The attempt at interfaith is therefore no more than another attempt to corrupt Muslims and their pure faith. The steadfast Muslims will never be taken in by such plans.

9. For bad and not good to befall Muslims

Allah (SWT) says:

…You are the ones who love them but they don’t love you…and you believe in all the books…and when they meet you they say ‘we believe’ but when they are alone they bite the tips of their fingers at you in rage…

…if you have something good they get upset but if some bad befalls you, they rejoice. But if you are patient and become Muttaqoun, they can’t harm you…’ [EMQ 3: 119 – 120]

This should be a stern lesson for those who prefer the company of kuffar to Muslims, like the MCB and CAIR (in the US). Allah (SWT) here tells us the real feelings of the kuffar who hate for the Muslims to have any good and who rejoice at the suffering and pain of the Muslims, as in Afghanistan, Chechnya, Palestine, Kashmir etc.. Rather it is only the sincere Muslims who really defend, protect and ally with Muslims, not the UN, US or UK.

The tools used to fulfil the wishes of the non-Muslims (i.e. Kuffar)

1. Spreading corrupt thoughts in the Ummah (Muslims world-wide)

Through the national curriculum, the media, international institutions etc… such as nationalism, patriotism, democracy, freedom, secularism etc… Muslims must expose such corrupt unislamic concepts wherever they are and invite people, Muslims and non-Muslims, to the perfection and beauty of Islam as an alternative economic, social, political and judicial system. As opposed to demonstrating with the kuffar and calling for their agenda, like those who call for the implementation of UN resolutions

2. Using media outlets to pass the agenda of the Kuffar

The media outlets like the TV, radio, satellite, the internet etc. tempt Muslims to follow their rational desires as opposed to the divine text. Indian films, pop culture, fashion, pornography, ‘Islamic nasheed dances’ etc… all contribute in weakening the steadfastness of Muslims and diluting their Islamic personalities. If Muslims do not carry daw’ah then daw’ah will be carried to them by the kuffar through these channels.

3. To produce corrupt Jurists

The kuffar have succeeded in producing corrupt so-called scholars like Qaradawi, who make the haram halal and change the divine text to please the kuffar. New innovations suggested by the US to these sell-out ‘jurists’ include making women give the Friday sermon, questioning the Khateeb after or even during his sermon, making mosques social gathering places as opposed to only places of worship, there being no Imam of the mosque etc…However thankfully there will always be Ulema who will stand up to confront such corruption.

4. To convince Muslims not to fulfil their responsibilities

To make Muslims have the aspirations and goals set for them by kuffar as opposed to Allah (SWT) and his Messenger Muhammad (saw). So we see that many Muslim parents want their children to become doctors, lawyers, businessmen, politicians etc.. even if it means that they know nothing about their Deen, as opposed to Islamic scholars or mujahideen etc…putting the Islamic culture first and last. The Islamic culture deals with every aspect of life’s affairs in any case, so even if one wants to study medicine he or she must understand what Islam says about dissections, cures etc.. first in order to know medicine from the Islamic perspective.

5. To cast doubt in Islam and to adopt other ideas

The kuffar will try to push certain ideas such as aliens, evolution, creating life from chemicals etc… in order to put doubt in the minds of Muslims. Muslims must remember that the Qur’an is the truth and if scientists contradict what the Qur’an says, then the Allah (SWT) and the Qur’an is still correct and they are liars.

6. To make Muslims feel less important than the Kuffar

So we see that the kuffar always ask for reparations for their dead, as in Poland and in New York but when it comes to Muslims in Chechnya, Kashmir or Palestine, their lives are seen not to be worth as much. There are no minutes silence, no mourning and no compensation for Muslims. Even animals in the West have more rights than Muslims. The amir of Kuwait paid 1.2 million pounds to repair London Zoo whilst Muslims starved to death in Somalia and Sudan because of Capitalist hegemony. Another example is Colonel Ghadaffi paying £10 Million per dead for Lockerbie, whereas no money is paid for the 200,000 displaced and killed in Afghanistan by the US and UK.

Muslims must view the wishes of the kuffar from the divine text as opposed to the lies of the US, UK and UN and their agents. In the end Allah (SWT) is in control of everything and we therefore pray to him to liberate all Muslim land from enemy forces and to defeat the enemies of Allah (SWT), his Messenger and the Muslims and to grant the Muslims the Khilafah sooner rather than later.

source: ALM Pakistan branch

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