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Muslims work for its revival and gain rewards from Allah(swt).  

at a price

Liberation comes at a price! What will the invading forces hope to acheive?

The Reality on the Ground!

As US and British troops invade and take over from their originally planted Regime headed by Saddam Hussian, the tribulation dance and chants of Iraqi civilians who dismantled the statue of the dictator will soon be forgotten as the reality of the war sinks in.

Muslims of Iraq will soon realize that their liberators are nothing of the sort as they replace their allying oppressor Saddam with a new administration that will be pro-US and Brian. Replacing one devil with another. The UN will polish the Iraqi ambassadors seat in the UN and welcome Iraq back into the fold of global exploitation.

Muslims of Iraq need to go one step further before true freedom can be calibrated and that is to remove the invading forces and establish Al-Khilafah Islamic State. We urged the Muslims of Iraq to use the Islamic constitution to start the process of revival.

The Muslims of Iraq must reject any Laws enforced by the Invading forces or allow the UN to patrol as a haven. All weapons or ammunition that the Muslims may have in their possession must not be given up to the invading forces. The interim administration must be fought since they represent the western aim to exploit the wealth within Iraq and have planned during the past 12 years to change the hearts and minds of the people so they embrace western secularism.

New ProWestern planted Interim government
Soon prostitution, homosexuality and porn clubs will be rife as the interim government will take a blind eye upon the increase in organized crime. Every Muslim in Iraq is threatened by the prescience of the invading forces. The interim government will be the voice, eyes and ears of the British and American administrations. Money will be the driving force as well as a condition to lifting sanctions upon the Muslims of Iraq that has resulted in the murder of more than a Million children and the birth of more than 2 million defective children due to depleted uranium shells fired by the British & American tanks/A10s in the first gulf war.

The War is not over, it will continue with gorilla attacks until the invaders, UN forces are driven back from whence they came, only then will the Muslims of Iraq become free to implement Al- Khilafah.

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Khilafah II

This sequal will dominate world politics for all mankind, forever.

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