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Muslims work for its revival and gain rewards from Allah(swt).  

Muslim forces of Allah(swt) in control of Eight towns in Northern Iraq:

The Reality on the Ground!

Islamic forces of non-iraqi origin have taken control of more than eight towns in northern iraq. The muslims in these towns welcomed the forces and Allah(swt) land was liberated from the evil designs of the western powers.

US forces are bombing Islamic control towns assisted with the evil designs of the Kurdish forces allied to the western powers.

Reinforcements from the governments of Iran, Turkey and Pakistan have been sought but have not yet immerged. These governments have sold out the Muslim Nation to the western powers. It is incumbent upon all Muslims worldwide to view such governments as rogue states in the Islamic world and must be removed from power.

If you though Saddam Hussian was bad, look again, the rulers of the Muslim lands are the most corrupt, untruthful and have killed either directly or indirectly millions of Muslims either within their populations or neighboring states.

What should Muslims do right now?
First, denounce by your heart and mind your allegiance to your native nationality and become a Muslim period. Secondly, the world is your oyster, it belongs to Allah(swt) and as a Muslim you have authority over the Muslim lands. Learn about Political Islam and start to work for the Ummah, relentlessly eat, work, sleep thinking about how to bring about public opinion to bring down these illegitimate, western planted muslim rulers.

Make Contact with Islamic groups working to bring about these objectives wherever you may reside. If there is no group local to you then contact via Internet. Create a Network that will bring about revival of the Muslim Ummah worldwide. Work towards bringing about Al-Khilafah the true Islamic State for the Ummah of Muhammad(saaw).


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Khilafah II

This sequal will dominate world politics for all mankind, forever.

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