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Muslims work for its revival and gain rewards from Allah(swt).  

Pakistan Government Self Interests self-evident as Muslim lives are worth $$$!
The illumi Muslims of Pakistan accept International man-made law over the the Law of Allah(swt). Muslim blood is worthless in there eyes!

The Reality on the Ground!

The International Monetary Fund (imf) on Sept 26 2002 approved the final tranche of Pakistan's $596 million stand-by loan with the fund, IMF sources said.

The third and final tranche is around $130 million. "It went through without any problem," said one source present at the meeting of the IMF's decision-making executive board.

He added that while Pakistan is in favour with the international community because of its cooperation with the United States in the wake of the Sept 11 attacks on New York and the Pentagon, the country has also "been doing rather well" in sticking to its IMF-backed economic programme.

A Point to note is that the loans being provided to Pakistan will need to be paid back at an interest rate over 25 years. Pakistan will always be in debt and will have no regional power, even though it has nuclear weapons. The Government of Pakistan have shackeled the country for a further two decades so that the US plans to save India with the Kazakhstani-India pipeline project.

The economic programme is a cloak to fool the Muslim nation. What is true is that the Pakistani government have sold out the Muslim nation, namely Iraq to the United States. With a further $8 Billion to be shared by a few countries including Pakistan to reconstruct Iraq after the war. The Pakistani government has preformed kufr and is now a ligitimate target in the sight of Allah(swt), a regime that must be removed by force since it has authorised the spilling of Muslim blood.

ITG Comment: We ask all members of the Pakistani government including General Pravez Musharaff to (i) break off diplomatic ties with Washington by closing the US consulate and expelling the US ambassador, (ii) publicly announce the permanent withdrawal of the Pakistani ambassador to the United Nations, resign from the United Nations and (iii) send troops towards Tehran to work with Iranian forces to enter Baghdad and secure the Oil fields to the north. Be part of the Muslim administration that will reconstruct and reunify the Muslims of Iraq with Iran and Pakistan. Proposition: Pakistan will receive $10 Billion over 15 years due to there intervention to secure Muslim land and the ability to invest heavily in their crumbling infrastructure. This is a non-returnable loan, i.e. no interest or return of any of the loan since the Oil in Iraq is for the Ummah that includes the Muslims of Pakistan.



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Khilafah II

This sequal will dominate world politics for all mankind, forever.

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