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Muslims work for its revival and gain rewards from Allah(swt).  

Criminal Justice Bill aimed at Political Muslims in UK!
British Government
pressured by Isreali zionist zilots,impliment new amendments to the criminal justice system.

The Reality on the Ground!

While Britain is diverted by the War against the Muslim nation, the British government has stepped up its relentless campaign to further erode civil liberties by deviously proposing the reform of the Criminal Justice system. These changes will affect Political Muslims living in the UK, whether holding citizenship or not but will allow the state to do the following:

  1. Detain suspects for up to 36 hours in jail without charge
  2. Extension of powers to stop and search
  3. Increase in sentences for racial or religious aggravation (at first glance this is welcomed, but upon further investigation it could be used as a tool to apprehend and detain under the Terrorism Act Muslims who voice their free opinions.)
  4. Powers to confiscating equipment. (A measure to financially cripple sincere groups calling society towards Islam, dawa is an obligation for every muslim to interact with society at all levels. This rule would allow the police force the powers to confiscate electronic printing equipment such as computers, printers and the use of the internet.)

Coupled with recent legislative powers allowing the Home Office to revoke british citizenship and the Terrorist Act 2000 the government is targeting Muslim Political groups based in the UK.

Since the Muslim nation is a political nation these laws will try to gag the Muslims living in the UK. Such laws are being implemented to bolster the War against Terrorism. The legislation empowers the police to detain without charge, confenscate equipment and instigate stop and search.

Who are the terroirst?
Ask the man on the street who the terrorists are and the response will be "Muslims". The British and American Governments have programmed the public to be suspicious, even go as far as to police the neighborhood on their behalf.

Peoples perceptions of Muslims being a peace loving people, members of the community is being worn away as paranoia sets in and Muslims are further targeted as suspicious members of british society.

Attacks and arrests on Muslims living in France, Germany, Spain and the UK are rising at an alarming rate.

Does citizenship affect the way a British citizen views or interacts with a non-citizen? Do they consider them as second class or foreign peoples and should not be provided any assistance? Is the Nation state showing its true colours?

A Labour peer and prominent QC described the Government's plans to reform the criminal justice system as a "confidence trick".

Baroness Helena Kennedy, QC, sparked a row in the Labour Party last night by saying that ministers were planning to do something "quite frightening" to civil liberties by "tinkering" with fundamental tenets of the legal system.

Baroness Helena Kennedy
The public was being "deluded" into thinking that the changes would help limit crime on the streets when in fact they would disturb delicate balances built into the system, she told GMTV's Sunday Programme. "It is a serious shift and it's a very illiberal set of proposals."

The Bill - the centrepiece of last week's Queen's Speech - would reform sentencing arrangements, scrap the "double jeopardy" rule and restrict the right to trial by jury. It would also allow juries to hear details of previous convictions of defenders.

The package of criminal justice reforms was hailed by Tony Blair as the core of the Government's legislative programme for the next year.

Lord Falconer, the Home Office minister, dismissed the criticism, saying the system could not be left as it was for ever and made clear that the Government would not be thrown off course.

The fight against crime and anti-social behaviour was one of the biggest issues that affected people's lives, especially in deprived areas, he said. "What people are most after is policies that actually make a difference to that, and that's why we think the criminal justice system needs a fundamental reform."

Baroness Kennedy said the Bill was not about shifting the balance in favour of the victim, as ministers claimed. "In fact it's about a shifting of the balance towards the state."

Source: Toby Helm,
Chief Political Correspondent Telegraph
Filed: 18/11/2002



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