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Muslims work for its revival and gain rewards from Allah(swt).  

MCB (UK) Representative
Misrepresents Islam.. again!

Mislims will not fall for their decite to further pollute the Ummah in Britian.

The Reality on the Ground!

Sheikh Ibrahim Mogra a representative of the Muslim Council of Britian referd to the British forces as "...Our boys!" during a radio discussion on BBC Asian Radio. He said that as Btritish Muslims (misnomer term) he belived that supporting british troops who are directly involved in the invasion upon the Muslim Nation is correct, and is supported by his organisation (MCB).

Note: This is further Rubbish, rhetoric emanated by the MCB, and only further proves this organizations relentless campaign to missinterpret, misguide the Muslim Nation under the guise of being Sheiks, Haji's, Molv'es, Pee'irs and the like. The MCB is not a Political Muslim organization, it is run by illumi Muslims who have allegiance to the British Government/Establishment. We ask the MCB to learn our Free basic course on Ulsul-Ul-Fiqh and understand what is "difinitive" in the Qur'an.

Listen to how the MCB representatives uses the word "... I wish you would listen" again and again - it is not waranted, what they try to do is to fool listeners! Also, note the way that MCB want sincere Muslims living in the UK to permenantly leave the country simply because they are politicaly active within socety, making refernce to the difinitive laws in the Qu'ran and the Sunnah which is not acceptable to them since it is in direct conflict with British Laws (the law of the land).

Dr. Waheed replies to a caller, when asked about what Muslims should be doing in the UK. His reply urged the Muslima to engage in the rewarding work:

  1. Abide by Islam
  2. Interact with Society
  3. Promote Islam as Ideology not just as a Religion
  4. Join an Islamic Group with correct methodology to bring about the Khalafah Islamic State.

Dr. Waheed was then interrupted by Mr. Amin who asked "..Why do Muslims who think in this way just, simply leave the UK?" - This is the MCB for what it really is, a misguided, British government supported anti-islamic organization.

  • MCB are hereby given the trophy as Hypocrites of the Month (APRIL 2003).

BBC Asian Network.
Panel Discussion: Is Saddam using Islam & Jihad.
Panelists: Dr Imran Waheed (Hizb ut-Tahrir), Ibrahim Mogra & Zahid Amin (MCB).
Date: 03/04/03.
Duration: 1hr:43 minutes

This lively panel discussion explores the differing views related to the crusade on Iraq, the proclamation of Jihad and the role of Muslims in Britain. Imran Waheed argues the case for political Islam whilst Zahid Amin, the representative of the MCB, argues the case for greater political participation in a kufr political system. Ibrahim Mogra, also from the MCB, calls on accepting British troops as 'our boys'.

To listen please use the links below

Listen to Part 1: Click Here

Listen to Part 2: Click Here



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