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Muslims work for its revival and gain rewards from Allah(swt).  

How will US/Britain/UN fuck-up the Iraqi People?
The interim government will be subjects of the conquring western powers!

The Reality on the Ground!

Post War Iraq seems to be at the forefront of the minds of the invading forces and Kufr organizations. How best to:

  1. Subjugate and denounce Islam from the minds of the people,
  2. Change the thoughts and minds of Iraqi society to accept  western society, democracy, freedom, mass prostitution, capitalism,  secularism and Darwinism,
  3. Make them willing to sell the oil to western corporations (esp. US),
  4. Use the UN to plan for a programme to subdue the masses, institutions and incorporate new ones to pollute the minds of the generations,
  5. Settle UN forces to patrol and enforce International Law for the next 10 years,
  6. Reconstruct Iraq in the similar way Afghanistan is still waiting to be reconstructed. IN summary they plan to assimilate the people from Muslims following Islam to Muslims following their desires, non-muslim personalities and the duniya.
  7. Plant a illegitimate government to rule over the people by secular democracy
  8. Select a leader, actor as an agent reporting back to his masters in the west (every Muslim country has one!).
  9. Select Military generals and commanders who look over the shoulder of their appointed leader and report back intelligence thru the UN to the western master who can take preemptive action in advance (again the same within every Muslim country in the world today).

    Tony Blair was quoted in saying, ".. My advice to the Iraqi people is to surrender, resistance is futile , we are to take over the country in the name of liberation". What ever happened to the cause of military action due to the weapons of mass destructions, it seems to have taken a back seat!

Did you know that if Syria and Iran where to oppose the US and British by sending their troops to the Iraqi border and verbally threaten them with possible action, the US and all its military might would have never entered Iraq in the first place. Its all true! The governments of the Muslim world who hold seats in the UN have sold the Muslims in the world to the highest bidder. Muslims have no value anymore, that is until the Khilafah Islamic state is established. Lets make the intention, effort and dua for its implementation as soon as possible. Having one secular superpower, run by trigger happy people pulling the strings is very dangerous for the world and its inhabitants.

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Khilafah II

This sequal will dominate world politics for all mankind, forever.

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