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Muslims work for its revival and gain rewards from Allah(swt).  

Divide and rule is a ploy that America and Britain will use to draw Sunni against Shia and visa versa. Lets not fall for the western trap that has been laid so many times before! Believe in Allah(swt) and unite as one body against the occupiers.Junnah is your

The Reality on the Ground!


The Americans have been wagging against a gorilla war campaign brought on by sincere Muslims, Shia and Sunni hand in hand working with the help of Allah(swt) to pin down the occupiers wherever they may be. To date twelve attacks occur a day and result in the deaths of seven up to fifteen US and British servicemen. Strategic locations are detonated and sabotage occurring everywhere against the occupiers.

Knowing this, the american and british have one finial card to play, that being to use the tried and tested Divide and Rule ploy that in the past has been so successful. Accept, the Muslims of Iraq are not as gullible as anticipated. After all Saddam was planted in Iraq by the US at the bequest of Russia, remember the special relationship between America and USSR of old How the truth reveals itself over time and the real conspirators against the Muslims become clear oppressors of the Muslim world. Why stop at Saddam? Who was his boss? Who gave him contracts worth billions? Who supplied Him with nerve gas? Who told Him to attack Iran for 10 years? Who allowed him to cross into Kuwait? Who were the Kuwaiti royal family? Who planted them and gave them oil fields? Who benefited from those oilfields? ANSWER: America and Britain.

In this war, Muslims that side with the ocuupiers find themselfs allaid to the accupiers and in turn become open targets under the Authority of the Allah(swt). Muslims whether Shia or Sunni are not permited to revere some mufti, cleric or imman since it is Allah(Swt) who is worthy of being revaired. If such a man swayed the crowed it would be his responsabity to be the first to take up arms against the occupiers. But what we find is that personal ambitions for even a section of the Muslim community renders the individual outrside of Islam and in a most precurious and dangerous position. Muslims whether Shia or Sunni are advised to stop wasteing valuable energies and unite under the banner of Islam, remove the occupiers and then sit down together and rebuild teh first real Islamic state.

Never forget that Rizzak (wealth) is in Allah(swt) hands and He gives in abundance to those who follow His commands. Those that worship Money or American/British favours will end up in humiliation, disgrace and untold punishment forever.

Capturing Saddam?
What will capturing Saddam accomplish? Saddam is not in charge of any troops loyal to him since he was outstead eight months ago. His army and special forces no longer regard him as their commander. What will be interesting is how Saddam will voice to the world how the US and Britian both conspired against the Muslim world, allowing him to oppress the iraqi people and with supplied chemical material from both America, Britian and france did their bidding in the region. If he is to survive a tribunial it would be a black day for both America and Europe.

Jihad is Halal!
As for the on-going Jihad in Iraq, it seems to be gathering momentum and the capture of Saddam Hussian will further intensify the US and British death toll. The Iraqi puppet administration will no doubt be as powerless like the one planted in Afghanistan to take control. By capturing Saddam, the US has completed one of its mission objectives and is running out of credable reasons to stay in Iraq if US soldiers continue to die at the current rate. Anamosity against the occupying forces are gathering momentum and soon security will be destabilised in Iraq resulting in much bloodshed.

Press invited to a staged event!
Did you see the handful of Iraqis parading up and down Saddam Square - how pathetic! Bagddad has a population of 6.39 million and yet we count at best 40 poeple in the crowed and they did not look local.

The BBC reporter mentioned jubilation on many of the streets of bagddad but no evidence of this was forethcomming, only one blank faced person given the oppertunity to fire a bullet in the air.

The American and British propagada machine has lied to its own people, the whole world and has now started to even belive in the nonesence themselves! - a real sign that the american and british insergence into Iraq is comming to a close with the Iraqi people building up to consuming US and British ground forces in Iraq.

Best advice, leave now before the full wave of Jihad hits from all directions!

- Not Complete -

ITG corispondant
19 Rabee Al-Awwal
3 Sept 2003
Updated 12 Dec 2003

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Khilafah II

This sequal will dominate world politics for all mankind, forever.

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