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The Reality on the Ground!


Following intense speculation regarding Saddam Hussein’s arrest and his fate, there is a need for us to understand what really happened. However in order to come to the right conclusions we need certain political foundations giving insight into events occurring around the world both past and present, such as the collapse of the Khilafah in 1924 forming the basis of recent Muslim history, since this was a milestone signifying the last rule, solely in accordance with the Shari’ah, on State level. In addition, we must bear in mind how the kuffar (i.e. non-Muslims) have been conspiring against Muslims throughout history, indeed the struggle between Haq (truth) and Baatil (falsehood) has always existed since the time of the Messenger Muhammad (saw). It is also vital that any analysis be from the perspective of the Qur'an and the Sunnah of the Messenger Muhammad (saw) and his prophecies i.e. that certain events will occur prior to the Day of Judgment. This will shed proper light on the global Christian Crusade, led by the USA, against Islam and Muslims.

In view of the above, and for the following reasons, we believe that Saddam Hussain was not in fact arrested on Saturday the 13th of December 2003, but at least 10 days beforehand:

1. It is not plausible for the CIA to bring someone, of the significance of Saddam Hussain, straight in front of the world’s media without having interrogated him intensely first, which must have been done over many days and even using the torture and sense deprivation techniques that the USA are now infamous for (from the treatment of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay). Rather the delay in announcing the capture of Saddam Hussain by George Bush was timed to have the maximum impact for George Bush personally, His government generally and future plans for the region particularly. One element of doubt is that when the announcement finally came there were three conflicting reports about where he was captured, for example one mentioned the town of Tikrit although the ‘spiders hole’ is not in Tikrit at all.

2. The announcement of Saddam’s capture came a couple of days after penalties for Syria had been announced and there was widespread discontent among Americans that George Bush’s policy in Iraq had failed: with the lack of any weapons of mass destruction having been found and increasing dead among the US soldiers from operations led by the Mujahideen. Indeed US military maneuvers have an historical habit of never being mentioned when they occur, in order to gain strategic interests and to try save face for US failures. In this case the US had a policy leading to the control of the whole of the Middle East, which had to come out first.

3. The announcement by George Bush is in line with foreign policy announcements linked to up-coming elections and domestic policy failures. The US public always judges their leaders on their foreign policy successes and, in order to avoid being ousted, as George Bush senior was, for his failure to catch Saddam Hussain, George Bush junior ensured that this Ace of Spades was played at just the right time before Christmas and next years elections. Clear gains against the Democrats are evidence enough for this conclusion.

4. Gulbuddin Hekmatyar had just one day before given an interview, aired on Al-Jazeera, other Arab Channels, some US and Asian Channels, that they were continuing to fight the US and he challenged the US forces to permit journalists to broadcast the real picture of the US failures in Afghanistan: that in fact the US only had control of Kabul and in reality the rest of the country was not in their hands. Hence in order to cover up this embarrassing situation the US made the most of showing Saddam to the world’s media, giving the false impression that they do not mind the media presence in their war exploits.

5. The US were keen to link the capture to Islam, Muslims and the so-called war against ‘Terrorism’. This connection was obvious with talk of Saddam’s beard, a clear Islamic symbol of a Muslim male and the Taliban. This is totally in line with their plea that they are fighting international terrorism (which their allies interpret as Muslim fundamentalist or Mujahideen). Psychologically, the beard being shown before and then after it has been shaved, together with Saddam being shown on his prayer mat, is vividly intended to motivate their own people, demoralize the enemy (i.e. Muslims) and destroy the Islamic inspiration. Especially when the supposed symbol of Muslim resistance (i.e. Saddam) is amazingly caught in a spider’ hole. This despite the fact that George Bush himself has been behind the massacre of many more millions of people than Saddam Hussain, that Saddam Hussain is known not to be a Muslim, that Saddam was found without any guards despite numerous reports of his ‘leading a resistance’ and the fact that Saddam had enough wealth to hide in luxurious surroundings as opposed to a hole in the ground.

6. The link to a Christian victory against the perceived infidels, akin to the crusades of old, is the announcement just two days after the Christmas festivities were begun in the US, rounding off the Christian year with a victory for their Deen against the Muslims and Islam.

7. The announcement came just after many pro-US Iraqis had been killed and many Iraqi police had resigned. This was so in order to inspire everyone that 'we are winning the war' in Iraq because Saddam has been caught. However, the truth is that it was the Mujahideen who were fighting the US and UK occupiers all along and their Jihad will be much clearer now that the confusion caused by Saddam’s presence has been removed. Although the US tried to delay the announcement until the Mujahideen had stopped or decreased the number of their operations, since they were in fact increasing, the US had no choice but to announce the capture of Saddam with the excuse that the second man, Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, is now leading the resistance. Who has most likely already been caught by the US as well! The truth is that the Mujahideen have been carrying out wholesale bombing against the occupiers: some 42 operations a day. These operations are also ‘suicide’ ones, not a hallmark of the Iraqis but rather those who want to trade their life for paradise i.e. the likes of Al-Qaeda and other Mujahideen.

8. With insurgency in Iraq at an all time high, the Shia minorities persisting that they be given a role and a lack of any alternative government, now was the fittest time to announce Saddam’s capture. Indeed only a few Shia traitors were filmed celebrating, rather than the masses that are in fact still condemning the US.

9. Just days before last Saturday, US officials were talking about putting Saddam Hussain on trial and they were even changing the law to try ex-members of the Iraqi government. Common sense dictates that they could not have found Saddam just after this.

10. Only 10 days before last Saturday, the Mujahideen had already announced that Saddam Hussain had been captured by the US after heavy fighting involving thousands of soldiers, although the Pentagon denied this at the time. Even Saddam’s doctor stated, after watching footage of his capture and treatment, that it is impossible for Saddam Hussain to remain subservient unless he had been heavily sedated for some days.

In conclusion, the capture of Saddam Hussain by the US is yet another charade intended to gain ground against the enemy in a war they have all but lost. Promised increased operations by the Mujahideen will underline the fact that the war in Iraq is and has always been one of Islam against Kufr (i.e. non-Islam) and that Terrorism translates for the US, UK and their allies as Islam and Muslims. However, despite Bush’s antics news from the Muslim camp is that victory has been promised to the Muslims already by Allah (SWT) in this life and the next – it is just a matter of time before it is clear for all to see (Insha’allah).

As far as the future of Saddam is concerned Muslims can only accept his trial, together with those who have allied with the enemies (i.e. the US and UK) against Muslims - by an Islamic Court presided over of Muslim scholars and Mujahideen. The crimes committed by Saddam and those who have sold out Muslims, both inside and outside of Iraq, must be assessed under the divine law of God and the punishment carried out promptly and swiftly. Any other verdict by the Taghout regime of Iraq or any Taghout institution (e.g. an International Court set up by the Taghout UN) will be rejected and means nothing.


21st Shawaal 1424 Hijri
15th December 2003 CE

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