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Muslims work for its revival and gain rewards from Allah(swt).  

US pledges $8 Billion for Post Iraq, but no money for the Iraqi's!
Who is going to benefit at the expense of spilling Muslim blood?

The Reality on the Ground!

Regime change comes at a price! The $8 Billion will not go towards rebuilding Iraq, this money will be provided to Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Jordan for their exemplary support and shoulder to shoulder commitments not to help the Muslims of Iraq. These countries silence was bought, while they continue to denounce and verbally slander the US and Britain, inside their hearts they are rejoicing on the carnage and genocide being inflicted upon the Muslims of Iraq.

UN plan to run Iraq
The UN was planned to take control after the regime was removed. The US is playing astage game with world politics, it has always planned to hand over control to the UN.

Who will rebuild the Iraqi Infrustructure?

The Iraqi's will by selling their oil cheap to the US and Britian. Other beneficiaries include Framce, Germany and Japan. The Iraqi infrastructure will be rebuilt by the Iraqi's without any outside intervention said UN representative Monday. She went as far as saying that the UN in posed to carryout the social changes that are necessary to win the hearts and minds of the people to accept western democratic norms and embrace (kufr) secularism. No doubt even considering countries such as Pakistan and Egypt for UN mandated security work in Iraq after the war.

Evil American Empire
The Evil America Empire , after traveling thousands of miles to the Gulf will after the war control the flow of oil from Iraq right under the noses of Pakistan, Iran and Syria who are shown to be helpless. Pakistan has literally bent over backwards and allowed the United States to shaft it a number of times so that it can receive IMF loans. India plays its part by aggravating Pakistan's border, but this too is stage planned as both the Pakistani and Indian governments carryout tit-for-tat shows to fool the Muslims. A weapon fired here, a border blast going off their, an ambassador expelled here, a UN protest their - When are they going to realise that the Muslims are waking up to this facade and stage show!

Evil empire of the United Nations
The Most evil congregation of human shit can be found in the corridors of the United Nations. This organization has no legitimacy to enforce any laws or rules or regulations upon any human being since they have not sought permission, nor have authority to mandate over any peoples of the world. Any country that has a seat in this organization is selling out its peoples to the highest bidder. The criminals control the United Nations and without the support of the planted governments no sane individual would want to be associated with such bunch of excrement eating monkeys.

Source: Newsgroup


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