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Muslims work for its revival and gain rewards from Allah(swt).  

US Plan to re-write Education policy of Muslims of Iraq:

The Reality on the Ground!

A team from the United States is drawing up plans to re-write the Iraqi education system and history. If we draw on previous attempts by the British establishment to rewrite history, it left the Muslims of Egypt referring to the pharos and the Muslims of Pakistan accepting the historical events leading to the creation of Pakistan at the hands of Ali Junnah in 1947, completely ignoring the 1400 years of rich Islamic heritage. It looks as though the western colonialist will be at it again, screwing up the minds of the young to accept a more liberal secular view to life.

Such an nimposed system will no doubt manipulate the masses by drawing attention away from the Islamic Education system, instead focusing upon a more westernized theme. To learn about the Islamic Education System click here.

The Education System is the backbone of a progressive society. Islam creates the ideal personality of a child who integrates into an Islamic society that is healthy and progressive. The relationship between man, life, universe and to THE Creator Allah(swt) is fully understood and comprehended.

Reject the decadence of western society
The decadence of western society must not be accepted by the Muslims of Iraq as it will draw them towards a secular state.

The fact that Saddam Hussian was a Marxist socialist, much like Tony blair (even though TB is a millionaire, he says he's a socialist but he is really a capitalist!), monopolizing the education system with imagery of Saddam as a central role model for the Muslims in Iraq is forbidden under the Islamic Education system.

To read more about the Islamic Ruling system click here.


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