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Muslims work for its revival and gain rewards from Allah(swt).  

Why should America
be disarmed?

-- preface --

US 'has nuclear hit list'
"First use" has been unthinkable for years

The Bush administration has reportedly ordered the Pentagon to prepare contingency plans for attacking seven countries with nuclear weapons.
Quoting a secret Pentagon report, the Los Angeles Times newspaper names China, Russia, Iraq, North Korea, Iran, Libya and Syria as potential targets.

Furthermore, the military have apparently been directed to build smaller nuclear weapons for battlefield use

Firstly, what constitutes terror? The cambridge International dictionary defines terror as a violent action which causes extreme fear or If someone or something is the terror of people, it causes them extreme fear.

Secondly, what constitutes terrorism? again threats of violent action for political purposes.

Did you know that state terrorism is the worse form of covert war that has been played by US and Britain under the guise of peace during the past century!


Lets consider American policy
with regard to containment.

Can we sleep at night knowing that america has the ability to drop 21,000 Ib bombs on the earth and say to the world that no seismic disturbances resulted only a10,000 ft cloud, and that all life as we know it is guaranteed to be dead at ground zero. Selling to the world that their weapons of mass destruction (wmd) programme is a "psychological" weapon, used only for deterrence and nothing more! - If you be live that, then you must be on drugs, the expensive kind!

Is this the new world order of diplomacy, where if you don't do what the Americans say, your gonna get what's coming to you! Do the American people, yes! all people living in america who support the government they voted into power, be live that world peace can be archived whereby one nation threatens all other nations simply because it has the means to design, create weapons of mass destruction that are so dangerous and terrifying that underpinned nations will have no choice but to submit under the threat of inhalation!

For world peace, America's weapons of mass destruction programmer must be dismantled, and the country demilitarized. The USA is no longer being viewed as the leading nation, but as an empire gone mad, that must be put down!.

Brace yourself's for some language!
The bastard children of the USA include the bastard son known to all as the Dis-United Nations, the bitch of a daughter known as the IMF and the illegitimate off-spring known as the agents planted in the Muslim countries.

Muslims are not from their mothers if they abide, listen or follow this disastrous family. In fact, it is their duty to route out this family and kill it, like a malignant cancer from which death results if left alone! Allah(swt) commands us, "Fight in the way of Allah(swt) and you will be successful. And kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out from whence they drove you out, and persecution is severer than slaughter, but if they do fight you, then slay them; such is the recompense of the unbelievers" [TQM 2.191].

Harsh words lined the last paragraph, some might say that it is preempting Muslims to attack innocent civilians, this is incorrect and is not the context of the message portrayed in the the last paragraph. The last paragraph warns Muslims living in the Muslim world that if they don't rise up against their planted governments, implement Shari'ah, re-unify the Muslim lands (Ummah Muslim Nation) and support the Khilafah Islamic Authority the future for Muslims is bleak, disastrous, in fact Muslims will die by a rate of 20 Million each year. The world will become a larger version of the Berlin wall, Muslims will be viewed as third class poeple and wars will be fought destroying the earth in the process. Such a future is not inconceivable, its happening as you read this article.

In contrast to al-Qaeda or politically armed groups worldwide, the USA and its crony half brother Britain have created worldwide hysteria that such terrorists cannot be listened too simply because they represent a vision, a system of life that is against western democracy and free trade capitalism. In fact how wrong can they be, the western democracies can keep their way of life, muslims don't want to have anything to do with it, just keep your dirty noses out of the Muslim lands.

It's OK to open a dialog with IRA terrorists in Ireland, even agree to let them free from prisons, but Muslims are not be trusted. Read the accompanying article showing how the governing Americans, British and European Communities view Muslims - it is certainly an eye opener! unless they were blind to begin with! (NB: ITG answers can be found within the same document in red).

The following agenda outlines what has happened historically during the demise of the Ottoman Khilafah State.

The Agenda of the Western world
to dominate the Muslim world

Once the Europeans with the help of the Americans sliced up and colonialised the Muslim world, they began a programme of disuniting the Muslims using nationalism. They then planted pro-western administrations and hand picked generals to do their biddings indirectly under the guise of trade. To make sure that the muslims masses where kept in line, the United Nations which should be correctly named Dis-United nations was setup after the first attempt known as the League of Nations failed. The purpose was to manage and control the world populations, it is where the illegitimate agents report their findings and support the oppression handed down from the permanent members of the security council. Even the name gives away the purpose of the UN, i.e. the security council!

Why supply the Muslims with
the means to develop WMD?

You might be wondering why did America and Britain allow, supply the Muslim countries the means to develope weapons of mass destruction? Its simple, after the second world war both America and Britain where bankrupt and needed time in order the rebuild their countries wealth, infrastructure and military arsenal. New technologies gave rise to research development projects that where revolutionary, especially military applications. World domination was on the mind of America but it needed at least thirty years and means to remove the dead useless members of its society that numbered many. It also required the removal, division and plantation of states that where either against, divided or had anti-western policies. The US under the umbrella of the UN began work to carve up the world into spheres of influence. An agreement was achived with Russia (bad cop, a country that had been overun by zionists in 1917 bolshovik uprising esp. Trotisky and Lenin) to opress the Muslims in one sphere while America (good cop) would work to influence the middle east. The objective was to have complete political control of the world.

Originally, America, Britian and Europe were exporting weapons of mass destruction to muslim countires, so they could murder one another. Later on, new players emerged such as China, North Korea and Pakistan began to exchange technology and further their ability to be self-sufficient. Pakistan being very peved over the presller accord that stopped the sale of 16 F-16 fighter jets to upgrade their outdated airforce jets. Soon all the muslim countries began similar programs, This was alarming for the western donor countries and compromised their economic hold on some of them. The IMF raised the alarm bells and muslim polititians such as Nawaz Sharrif began to reduce spending inorder to pay-off large growing IMF debts. BY not taking any more loans, the Amerian administartion was worried that Pakistan may stand on its feet. The removal of Nawaz Shariff was enevidatable consequence since in the first time in Paksitani history did a primeminister remove the president and start projects that today are being adopted by President Musharaf. We must not loose sight of the FACT that Mr Nawaz Shariff accepted democracy and did not do anything to stop the western influence upon domestic and foriegn policy. His removal was a hollywood epic in the making.

The planted illegitimate agents appease their masters by developing weapons some of them with the help of donor countries under the notion to use such weapons against muslim neighbors. Donald Rumsfield in an interview made a statement that ".. its OK for Muslim states to make war with neighbors that border them but to launch an attack against countries that where further away since this would be against international norms"! This was US policy imposing how it views muslim states, what they can and can't do in light of world affairs, so attacking Israel is out of the question but nerve gassing of innocent muslims in Iran or the Kurds is OK! But the best part of their fiendish plan is yet to come.

Once they had become powerful and strong they began infiltrating the armies of the Muslim world and even have a number of them on their pay role. The Gulf war, Bosnia, Kossava, Indonesia, and Afghanistan where test beds for the American armies to trial their military strength to analyze how effective they were in different terrains and regions of the world. The Gulf war, Bosnia and Afghanistan invloved the combined military command and control of three bodies, the American (airforce, land army and sattellite), the British (the same) and the UN (to difuse any international outcries).

The next step was be to demonize the Muslim nations as terrorists and force the illegitimate planted governments in the Muslim world to give up their developed weapons. This way the western democracies would dismantle the threat that ideological Islam could pose as an immerging world power. To prove this point, the US designated three countries as the axis of evil, now Pakistan is being added to the list and theirs word of sanctions against Pakistan unless it signs the nonproliferation treaty and gives up its ability to design,create weapons of mass destruction. While the US and Britain impose their plans they continue to develop their own wmd weapons. example is the 21,000 Ib sub-nuclear bomb. which is being used as a psychological threat against the Muslims of Iraq.

Millennium - The turning Point

The Millennium was the turning point, now that Russia was politically dead and bankrupt there was no need for NATO or a UN anymore. America had now built itself-up as the only super power in the world. No country now stands in its way, it has achived near complete dominance, except one ideology exists that is and has been a threat, a thorn in its side even before the second world war, that ideology is the fastest growing religion in the world - ISLAM!

Heres the problem, for the past fifty years the colonial powers have relentlessly been trying to instill in the minds of the Muslims worldwide that being a Muslim has nothing to do with adherence to political Islam. That Islam is the radical extreemist view while the term Muslim is the good hearted community building spirit, that they must sever there link with ideological Islam. The French prime minister made this clear when he stated publicly that Muslims who now reside in france or that have migrated to the western world should renounce their allegance with Islam and their original origins and accept Napoleon, French history and the law of the land as their new way of life. The British have too much to loose if they where to truthfully and publicly make such a statement, but some western countries are more formidable.

Measuring the Muslims
Every time the west attacks a Muslim country say Iraq or Afghanistan they measure the response raised within the Muslim world to determine how effective their illegitimate agents have been. They found that apart from attempting to burn down the American consulate and flag burring no other major reaction was observed.

What they did not want was civilians overthrowing their governments and accounting the Military (bankrupt Argentina comes to mind). This course of action is building in strength and the western governments are firmly aware of it, thus the need for containment and labeling Muslims who were once given the title as freedom fighters are now depicted as international terrorists. They receive reports from their illegitimate agents who are the leaders of the governments planted in the Muslim world. The UN is the center for international control for the permanent members, especially America.

Who owns the weapons?
Contrary to popular belief, Saddam Hussian does not own the Samud rockets or has direct control over weapons development in Iraq. The Muslim Ummah own the weapons that are both for its defense as well as to be useed offensively. To dismantle or destroy the weapons is not permitted in Islam. By doing so means you become an enemy to Muslim's worldwide not to mention a direct enemy to Allah(swt). With international pressure aside, the illegitimate Muslim governments of Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia fall into the same category being devised by the US - Its time something was done about it.

Many people belive that the war against Iraq is about Oil, weapons of terror a threat to Israel. The truth is that Iraq is being used a test bed to dismantle the whole Muslim world of its defensive capabilities. Muslims worldwide are under attack and the Kafir will be relentless in their quest to destroy political Islam once and for all.

What this means is that Muslims can continue being Muslims in foreground while in the background unknown to them the western world plan to wipe Islam as an ideology from the face of the earth. How? By annihilating the muslim world when the finite resources such as Oil run-out and simply disappear. Only the few will be allowed to cross the turkish frontier, muslims such as the Saudi king will always be welcome to migrate to Britain after all an illegitimate agent worked so hard to further the kafir cause.

What should Muslims be doing right now?
Without a moment too lose.

Please note that Muslims are not antagonized by any 21,000 Ib bomb or any nuclear threat. We are ready to put our lives on the line for Allah(swt), the protection of Muslim lives worldwide. Let this be a clear message to congress and the British parliament.

[Not complete]


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